The beverage philosophy for the Gallery Café is in theory, quite simple.

Remember what you are, where you are, what you are trying to achieve, who you’re trying to cater for, and when you’re trying to do so. Credit your roots and tip a cap to acknowledge beverages (past or present) that are important to you, and as tempting as it is. don’t stray from the original mission and make it too complicated. Sounds easy huh. Yeah right!

Beverage preference is as personal as one’s taste in anything else. Everyone has their favourites and their preferences: food, clothes, music, literature etc. I hope you will find our offerings generous and balanced; there is something here for everyone.

I have created a concise list that ticks all these boxes. Everything listed in print is for a reason, some are trivial, some are captivating, some are sweet and beautiful, and some just plain fun. I look forward to sharing stories.

Here’s cheers to good health, good food, good drinks and good company!

Lincoln Francis-Wright
Bendigo Gallery Cafe.